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Domino QQ


Domino QQ is an online game that can be fun and entertaining. There are some basic rules and tips when playing this game.

The game consists of 28 double six dominos. Each player can bet high or they can bet low. Once everyone has placed their bets, each player will be given three dominos. The players can look at them and bet high. Other players can call the bet or they can fold. A player may raise the bet at this time as well. If another player is willing to call the game will move forward.

There is a fourth domino that is then dealt out. The players will have a chance to bet or fold. When playing Domino QQ the rules may vary a little at this point so it is important to review them on each site.

The players will then match their bets or fold. If there are at least two players left the hands are shown. The winning hand will look at the second digit. That will be the number that the player uses. For example, if a player has 15, the 5 will be what is used. The player with the higher number will win. If a player has a pair of 9s than the player with the highest pair of 9s will be the winner.

Some hands will beat the 9s. if a player has four dominos that add up to 38 or larger or if they have four dominos with doubles they may be able to win. If they have a straight this will also beat out the 9s. there double is a special hand and the player will win.

There are many different combinations that a player can make in domino QQ and the player with the best hand will win the pot. For more ideas read on situs poker online.

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